Wednesday, March 2, 2011

February Update

 I have been slacking SOOO much on this when I swore I would keep up with it. Well Jenna is five months now and gorgeous and perfect as ever. She is having a blast with her brothers and things are going really well. I got some one on one time with Taylor where he schooled me in bowling LOL and Jenna got some one on one time with her daddy and they went and got her a jumperoo from our friend Jenny J Taylor is doing well in school and currently has TWO loose teeth, he is EXTREMELY excited! Jenna has had some tummy issues but hopefully those will be resolved soon. Work has been insane this week we have already worked nearly 5 days and it’s just Wednesday.  Taylor can’t wait for session to be over so his mommy can pick him up from school. J I love that he misses me but it makes me sad to have to tell him that I will be home late AGAIN.  Taylor had his final basketball game where he did awesome. He got a medal and was so proud! Long story short, we had some good time in February. Lots of busy days and nights.Love you all!

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