Friday, March 18, 2011

Yesterday was an upsetting day :( My cards went out in the first round of the NCAA tournament. We lost to Morehead and I don't know what was worse losing or listening to all the UK fans...UGHHH!!!!! The past week has been a long one. the kids are doing great and I am just so proud to be their mother. I love them both so very much! There was a devastating 9.0 earthquake and Tsunami in Japan. I don't know how these people will ever move past such loss and destruction. Whole families have been torn apart, homes are destroyed, and the fear over a nuclear meltdown and other health concerns has to be crippling. It really helps to put things in perspective. I am so lucky to have a great job and such wonderful children and a supportive family. There are things that I want for myself and for my children that just don't seem to be in the cards right now but the focus needs to always remain on what we do have instead of what we don't. I hope to have a great weekend with the kids. Hopefully the weather will be nice and we will be able to get outside and get some fresh air. Life is good!!

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